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On Native App Splash Screens

Mused on March 20, 2014

Consider this: splash screens pervade almost all native apps. And this is seen as a good thing. But splash screens in web apps; a terrible, bad thing. Why do we allow one but not the other?

Fuck Trends

Mused on March 11, 2014

Seriously, fuck ’em. They have no place in professional design, and definitely not in web design. Why would they? They pay no attention to the specifics of the project at hand, nor those affected by said project.

Font-face Character Swapping

Mused on June 14, 2013

By using a few simple CSS tricks, we can replace any HTML character we want by targeting it’s Unicode value.

Anti-antialiased Text

Mused on June 13, 2013

Designers! Developers! Listen, listen! We must stop our collective nonsense. We’re putting our likes ahead of user needs, and letting our preferences cloud our products. Using antialiased text (albeit limited to webkit, possibly blink, browsers) is a bad, poor, erroneous choice.