First, some background:

A Giant Dog is a five person Delta blues inspired rock band hailing from Austin, Texas.

Made up of Andrew, Andy, Graham, Matt, and Sabrina; A Giant Dog is a group of friends. But, it's a group of friends who love to rock. Most of the bandmates have been friends since high school. They began A Giant Dog in the fall of 2008, stemming from long time friendships and a couple of high school band attempts. More specifically, A Giant Dog was formed in Austin where Andrew and Sabrina spent a summer on a rooftop on the East Side drinking wine and writing songs.

So why the name A Giant Dog? Because Andrew takes pleasure in creating awkward situations for other people. He wanted a non-sequitur name that contained an indefinite article.

But where do they gather inspiration from? Jack White has been a huge influence; whetting their appettites for Delta blues and classic Country. A few other musical influences include Etta James, Randy Newman, The Beatles, Sam Cooke and Gino Washington. Coincidentally, they are also inspired by washing machines, paintings, record players, the squeal of the shower pipes, impulsive behavior, cynicism, and loss.

So, what are they up to when they are not making music? In their own words: eating meat and making love.

Want to stay up to date with them? You can find them on Facebook, on Twitter, or on their website. Now, onto the good stuff!

Groovy; but what are you listenin’ to?!?

Artist: The Nerves

  • When You Find Out We like the energy. The Nerves have a sense of urgency to their music and know how to give rock and roll a tropical twist. Listen now

Artist: Wyatt Blair

  • Sweet Operator (Talkin’ On the Telephone) Andrew saw this band play live at Hotel Vegas one night while he was working the door. He puts on this song a lot when he’s drunk. It’s like Sade banged Wreckless Eric. Listen now

Artist: ELO

  • Livin Thing The trippy beginning to this song causes it to stand out from the rest, but we love anything ELO. Their attention to detail is inspiring. Listen now

Artist: Sparks

  • Monster of Love Sparks has a wide array of great stuff. Kimono My House is their best album but this song is off Angst in My Pants. Monster of Love has an awesome vocal breakdown at the end. The childlike profundity strikes our jarred coming-of-age sensibilities. Listen now

Artist: The Shivvers

  • Teen Line Anytime Sabrina puts this on at a party people think they’re Blondie but they’re not! This is an under the radar punk band from Minneapolis in the late 70’s-early 80’s. The lead singer was in high school when the band started. She bangs piano and has the sexiest voice. Listen now

Artist: Black Sabbath

  • Behind the Wall of Sleep/Wasp What the fuck is with Sabbath doing a medley? We like their sense of drama and the points when the music sounds almost classical. Listen now

Artist: Everly Brothers

  • Love Hurts Nazareth, Emmylou and Gram do awesome covers of this song. The melody is breathtaking. Andrew and Sabrina are conducting a study on their style of harmonizing. Listen now

Artist: Devo

  • Girl U Want The whole Freedom of Choice album is cool. Their vocals and lyrics and energy are crazy and exciting. Listen now

Artist: The Troggs

Artist: The Dictators

  • Who Will Save Rock ’n’ Roll The Dictators love to tell stories on top of their pop riffs. This song is mean and funny at the same time. Listen now
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