Better link styling and interactions.

The web was, and is, built on hyperlinks. Why not put your best foot forward with them? People do tab through content, as well as hover / click with a mouse. Use these simple CSS styles to easily prepare for all situations.

Tab through, hover, focus and click on each textual link, button, and form element.

Bacon ipsum dolor amet ham jerky flank, bresaola tenderloin strip steak salami. Tri-tip tail jerky, t-bone corned beef turkey biltong pancetta. Ham tongue shank swine frankfurter. Sausage pork chop turkey ribeye porchetta, venison brisket pig frankfurter.

Spare ribs picanha capicola ribeye bacon, landjaeger pancetta. Ground round venison swine shankle bacon prosciutto pig sirloin beef ribs pork fatback hamburger tenderloin.

Better buttons.

The call-to-action. Make ‘em stand out, but make it interactible. Let your users know when they are hovering, focusing, or clicking these fellers.

Click me, bro. Seriously.

And better form submits.

The bane of the web, yes. But also necessary. So how to make them less shisty? Tell your users what is going on once they take the time to fill yer form out bro.