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Are you a dad? Do you still love to go to shows; like at the Blackcat, Rock’n’Roll Hotel or the 930 Club (amongst others)? We’re 12 dads strong and growing.

If you answered yes, then this is your group; we organize 1 event a month where it’s just us dads, and 1 event where it’s us dads & our kiddos.

I took my daughter to see !!! (also known as chk chk chk) at Snallygaster this year, and she loved it. And I want to make that our thing, but I also want to meet dads of like-mindedness.

At the begginning of each month, we’ll send out an update on what’s coming down the pipe for that month. But, don’t hesitate to suggest an alternate event, or send feedback about the events.

We’ll also send out an update a day or two before each event confirming some details and whatnot, so be sure to add to your address book so you always get them!

Our upcoming events:

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