Project: imgrszr


A simple way for non-tech savvy folk to resize and optimize images for use on the web. A Ruby on Rails app, I designed and built the UI & front-end, and did most of the Rails work.

tech stuff

I did the design, front-end, ruby on rails and heroku setup

Have an image you want to use in a document, or on a website? But is it too big? Before you needed some sort of image editing software and you needed to know what to do with it. Not no more! Just upload, choose a max height or width and blammo.

Now supports CMYK to RGB conversion. Or, I should, all images are converted to RGB for web support.

What I Did

  • designed and built app to help our/any clients resize images easily
  • I've noticed a lot of clients don't have access to photo editing software, so this is a simple stop-gap
  • uses simple, user focused design to guide users thru the process--basically just 2 steps; load an image, choose a max size and voila

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