Project: B2B Landing Page


Working with a B2B client who is having issues getting users to fill out their AMS assessment form, so I've been iterating on designing a more engaging, useful, and informational landing page. For starters, they had about 20 fields on their form, so I stripped this down to 3. Then, I added a simple, strong headline and CTA to the top of the page.

I then added a directional, bulleted list (the screen of the computer will be rotating through graphical accompanyments, or that's the plan as of now) to help guide users through to the form. If that doesn't convince them to fill the form out, I added some simple, easy-to-scan copy breaking down the pluses of their software, as well as visual steps as to what happens when a user fills out the form.

And if that doesn't help them out, I added in generic messaging about the company as to why the user should want to work with them, as well as another CTA at the bottom.

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