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Player Card HTML/CSS

January 2014

A test digital player card, with yours truly as the subject. Need to smooth out the intial flip animation.

Font Awesome; now with less http

November 2013

Serve the font as Data URI. No need to host the files anywhere, just copy & paste this into your CSS instead. Plus, this reduces http requests, and thus speeds up page load time.


April 2013

Giveab.it is a test project that I'm working on trying to build a simple way to donate money to charities (and thusly people) that need it.


March 2013

Chances are there are some little tricks that you don’t know about that can make sure you’re googling even more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Saavy?


February 2013

Need an HTML character, but don't know the actual code? No problem, just search for what type of character you need, and this spits out whatever is closest. Plus, it's got Unicode as well, in case you want that too.


February 2013

The best, or sexiest, way to learn a new word each day. Learn a new word each day. curated & hand-picked goodness emailed to your inbox daily.

CSS Mood Board

January 2013

Ever been building a site from designs, but get to an interior page with a bunch of elements that were’nt in the comps? I have, often. I’ve done it myself, too many times to say so…so what do you do then? Just iterate from the designs?

Try Markdown

January 2013

Fun, simple way to learn the markdown language.