Jefff’s CV

I often dream of penny-farthings.

And I recently got my own parody twitter account (not run by me). I’m a nerd-poser. Or at least according to Portlandia, I am. And I’d agree with that. I’m super into Tolkien and Discworld, just as much as I’m into semi-pixel perfection*, just as much as I’m into page speed and web performance. I’m passionate about design first, but I also love making things come to life, and building things that help ppl simplify their lifes. Lastly, I recently became a dad, and I can’t wait to get my daughter rocking on DIY. I also am buidling an app around journaling your childs life; dig it?

Here’s a snapshot of my web-life and how I got here. Any questions? Hit me up as you please. Feel free to print me as a PDF, download as a TXT file, a Word version, or a PDF version.

Peruse some of my skills:

Lead UI/UX Designer

LeagueApps Sep ‘13–Present

CSS Developer

BrowserMedia/nclud July ‘11–Sep ‘13

Sr. Interactive Designer

Thinkdesign Feb ‘10–July ‘11

eMarketing Manager

Marketing General Apr ‘08–Feb ‘10

Sr. Designer

Healthy Back Store Feb ‘05–Apr ‘08

Jr. Web Designer Feb ‘05–Apr ‘08

Jr. Graphic Designer

Rocket 9 Design Fed ‘05–Sep ‘05


James Madison U 2004

* Pixel perfection is just not attainable, nor is it feasible. But, semi-pixel perfection is however, and that can be a very sexy median ground.